[Decks]: Design Brief > Logo

About the project

I'm a solo designer/developer building a simple flash cards app called Decks. I have built the app primarily for myself but am now intending to publish it on the App Store too, as I have found quite some utility in it. 

Why I built the app: last year I went back to Japan for the first time after a long while and wanted to brush up my Japanese. I've found that most apps out there were either too playful or too dictatorial in regards to their offered studying methods. I wanted a basic vocabulary trainer or in other words: flash cards. 

I believe that people who are more serious about their studying (people who are studying for a deadline) will find the app useful. People who currently use Anki for flash cards might find it useful too.

What I’m looking for

I'm primarily looking for a logo that works well as an app icon on iOS. I'll also use it on a website so please also show a version that includes the brand name 'Decks'. The slogan does not have to be incorporated. 

  • Logo with primary use for iOS app store icon
  • Logo needs to work by itself, utilizing just the figurative mark
  • Needs to work on a website as well (should use brand name here)
  • Ideally the result is a logo with and without the brand name

🙏 It would be great if the results can be delivered as sketch files.  

Marketing slogan and other copy

  • Slogan
  • Smarter, one card at a time. 
  • Tutorial texts
  • Decks is a flashcard app. Study for exams, deadlines or fun. 
  • Create your own decks of cards or browse ready-made content. 
  • Got a minute? Spend it learning new things. 

Screenshots and video

The project is still work in progress but this should demonstrate the general design direction I’m heading. All designs have been done by myself. A video walkthrough is available here.

Thoughts for the logo design

  • Decks represents a straightforward, lightweight but professional way of learning
  • I am looking for a simple and clean but bold logo that works very well as an app icon
  • I am looking for a high fidelity design similar to the examples below
  • The app icon can be totally abstract - I’ve found many of the attempts to implement ‘cards’ as quite difficult and often aesthetically not pleasing


Overall the design and color choice should be simplistic and not too playful, but feel free to experiment with colors. After a quick search of my own I ended up liking these options:

Design examples

I like abstract icon designs and here are some examples. Overall I think that something abstract or using the letter ‘d’/’D’ is probably the best strategy. So far all attempts to incorporate the app’s topic (education/flash cards) have been unsuccessful so please feel free to go as far as you wish. Please don’t use the graduation cap as an icon for the logo.