Day 5 - Staying Connected - Live 
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Daily Teaser:
With social distancing and isolation in place, staying connected with colleagues, friends and family has never been more important. Find out why tomorrow. 

Humans are social by nature, not only do we crave interaction, but we actually require connections and to feel a sense of belonging in order to exist. This can be from friends and family, colleagues, neighbours, even your local community. These are the people that you can spend time with, trust, lean on for advice and who look out for you. 

Staying connected during these difficult times is more important than ever.  Days can be very lonely and as a result our mental health is the first to suffer. Loneliness and stress can also impact our immune systems too. 

So don’t try to get through this difficult time alone. Reach out to someone when you are having a difficult day. Talking through your feelings out loud can really help and no doubt your friends will be having very similar thoughts.

There are many ways to stay in touch with friends, family and colleagues via text, video calls and social media. Why not plan some fun things to do together:
  • Virtual coffee date (or cocktails!)
  • Group video calls 
  • Virtual quiz night/cheese and wine nights
  • Virtual film night 
  • Join an online group - you may have a specific hobby where others share the same interest 
  • Meet friends online - there are websites to connect with people who are looking to make new friends too.

Checking in with your loved ones, such as sending a quick text can really make their day. Also, just because you have seen someone posting on social media this doesn’t mean that they are ok. 

If you're finding things particularly difficult, take a look at Mind’s Elefriends community or ask for help. 

Daily Children’s Activity: 
Get the kids involved in cooking with the help of Jamie Oliver. 

  1. Reach out and connect with a friend/family member/colleague that you haven’t spoken to in a while. Send a text, video call or even post them a letter as a nice surprise. 
  1. Practise Mindfulness - Log your minutes in the box provided 

Reflection - Have you managed to stay in touch with people during the lockdown? Do you feel connected?