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Every keynote speech David delivers is entirely customized, based on insights from 75,000 Valuegraphics surveys on what your specific target audience really wants, and the messages that will motivate them most.
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Keynote Presentations:

How to Activate ANY Audience in a Post-Demographic World

Valuegraphics is the new science of shared values, using big data to detect what your  audience really wants, and the messages that will motivate them most. David will explain what the Valuegraphics Database reveals about the audience for your specific product, service, brand or industry. He will give you concrete steps to implement this powerful information, and how to motivate your audience to do what you want them to do. Delegates attending this presentation will learn how to be far more influential at activating the audiences they need to reach - as much as 8 times more effectively than ever before.

Agriculture/ Agribusiness | Telling a New Story: Is Big Food Always Bad?

As global populations continue to grow exponentially, we will become more reliant on Big Food producers. The Big Food industry has been characterized as a dark force by the mass media, and more and more people are paying attention to these negative stories. It’s time for a Big Food industry makeover. What are the wants, needs and expectations people share around food and food production? What are the values behind the supermarket purchase-decisions that get made every day? How do Valuegraphics Profiles segment the population of Canada and the USA into audiences who are motivated by the same messages and meanings? Leave this presentation with a playbook to start winning over the hearts and minds of consumers, and changing the narrative in the marketplace today. Better still, if your attendees are from a specific sub-sector of the industry, or even a particular brand, David will create a custom profile that pinpoints the precise messages and motivations you need to influence more people more often.

Arts & Culture | Show Up & Send Money: Activating Arts & Culture Donors and Patrons

Cultural organizations everywhere are wondering where the donors and patrons of tomorrow will come from. The answer isn’t to attract millennials or double-down on baby boomers: it’s to engage the shared values that motivate people of all demographic descriptions. Valuegraphics provides profiles for individual donors, and for people who attend arts and culture activities. David will explain what motivates each group, what they care about most, how to consider these values in program design, and how to convert patrons into donors and lifetime advocates for the arts. If your event is for a specific organization or discipline, David will include a custom profile appropriate to the situation.

Business | Protests Too Much? The Valuegraphics of Protestors

From natural resources to city building, from oil & gas to mines and mining, any step forward in economic infrastructure will bring opposition from a vocal and highly skilled group of people who are opposed, sometimes violently so. Even wind and solar power have some people up in arms. Freedom of speech must be protected, but how can an organization turn shouting matches into rational conversation? Profiles of protest from the Valuegraphics Database show how our shared human values can diffuse the anger and encourage collaborative engagement. If you can identify the Valuegraphics Profiles of the protestors you are facing, and understand their underlying values, wants, needs and expectations, you will be better-prepared to make the inevitable interaction more constructive. And of course, if a specific industry or brand is the audience for this presentation, custom data can be extrapolated from the 75.000 surveys in the Valuegraphics database.

Cannabis | Mass Marketing Marijuana

There is no question that the legalization of Cannabis will create new kinds of consumers. But who are they and how will they make purchase decisions? Valuegraphics Profiles for this new industry reveal different audience profiles, and how to make-over the reputation of a product that is heavy with outdated stereotypes. As the last great new consumer market of our lifetime opens up to capital and competition, what is the low-hanging fruit? What motivates them to buy? Where is the mass market interested in making purchases? What will it take for Mom to buy marijuana at the market? If you are an entrant in this new competitive landscape, this presentation includes the Valuegraphics specific to your offering, and explain how your prospects compare to those of the overall market.

Chinese Consumer Values | New Research: Consumer Behavior

A year after creating the Valuegraphics Database for Canada and the USA, the Valuegraphics team tackled China. With 20,000 surveys analyzed, some startling findings will have a significant impact on how your company creates products, services, brands or messages for this market. When compared to Canadian and American consumers, the values of Chinese consumers are very different. But we expected that. What surprised us was the way values impact consumer decisions, and the influence of various values at various times. This is an entirely new research discovery: if you want to do business with China, this information will give you an enormous competitive edge. And of course, it can be customized to your industry or product, service or brand.

Environment | Green Money: Motivating the Environmentally Conscious Consumer

One of the top ten most powerful Valuegraphics Profiles represents 17% of the population of Canada and the USA – we call them the Environmental Assembly. The Assembly believe that the environment is the most pressing issue of our day, and agree on all the other metrics in the Valuegraphics Database 82% of the time. This means we know a great deal about their values, what motivates their purchase decisions, and what they want, need and expect from the green products and services they choose to consume. There’s a very clear picture in the Valuegraphics Database on what it takes to make a green brand as influential as it can be. Fora group who represents a particular product category or even a specific company, David will provide a custom profile that inspires attendees with practical insights to implement immediately.

Financial | Online and Off: What Motivates Bank Customers the Most?

Valuegraphics Profiles reveal intriguing differences between online bank customers and those who visit bank branches in person, including motivations that the industry is largely unaware of. How can a brick & mortar bank attract more profitable customers? How can an online bank win-over traditional clients? Leave this session ready to engage with customers at a whole new level, with deep data insights about what they are looking for, what values you can leverage, and how you can motivate them to choose your products and services more often. As with every speech, David can speak broadly to the Valuegraphics for the industry, or go deep into a particular product, service or brand.

Financial Services | What Does the Next Generation Expect from Wealth Advisors?

Inherited or earned, does the next generation have different values, wants, needs and  expectations about wealth management compared to the generations that came before? How will wealth advisors need to retool their services and delivery to stay relevant? What do Valuegraphics Profiles for next-generation wealth reveal about the key motivators that advisors and advisory firms will need to embrace? As with every speech David prepares, if your attendees are interested in the Valuegraphics for a particular brand or service, a custom Valuegraphics Profile specific to your audience will be part of the presentation.

Healthcare | What Motivates Healthcare Workers?

Healthcare workers share key values, wants, needs and expectations about their life that lead them to choose a career as a doctor, nurse, therapist or practitioner. However, Valuegraphics data for healthcare professionals reveals that there are distinct audience profiles that any human resources department at any healthcare institution should be aware of. Leadership within the healthcare sector will also find practical insights from Valuegraphics data to create internal cultures and policies that motivate more people, and understand how teams are making decisions day-to-day. As with every speech David gives, if you would like a custom Valuegraphics Profile for a particular institution or discipline, just ask.

Human Resources | Are You the One That I Want? Matching Employer and Employee Values

Daily, it seems, there are new books launched about what employers want, and new seminars announced about how to attract the best talent. How can there be so much information and so little progress made? We believe it’s all about values; because what we value determines what we do, and how we see the world. Employers need to know the values of the job-seekers they are courting, and how to engage with the different Valuegraphics Profiles we’ve extrapolated from the database of 75,000 surveys. Job-seekers should be armed with the same insights: what do decision-makers value, want, need and expect? What motivates them to make the choices they do? This presentation can be tailored to focus on either side of this match making exercise, but for employers and job-seekers alike, knowing about both sides of the equation would be a significant advantage.

Human Resources | Should I Stay or Should I Go? Valuegraphics and Employee Retention

According to industry sources, the cost of hiring a new employee can be as much as $5,000, or significantly more for professional positions. That’s why it’s prudent to invest in keeping the employees you’ve already got, and why the corporate culture consulting industry is crowded with opinions on how to make your company a place where employees want to stay. Fortunately, the Valuegraphics Database is a treasure trove of information about the subject of employment and can tell us what will work most effectively, and what’s just a passing fad. This presentation covers the top ten most motivating things that 75,000 surveys told us about why people work where they do, with practical recommendations on how to replicate and strengthen those conditions. There are many speakers who talk to this subject based on opinion, few with facts and data. Valuegraphics, however, scientifically creates profiles of the values, wants, needs and expectations of the workforce for an industry or specific organization within it.

Investing | Pondering Placement: Why Institutional Investors Choose a Particular Fund or Firm

Common wisdom and common sense both point to performance as a key metric used by institutional investors to choose one hedge fund or PE firm over another. But in a market flooded with thousands of funds and firms, how does an investor really decide? How can a fund or firm stand out regardless of performance, which can fluctuate wildly and not communicate the entire value proposition? Valuegraphics Profiles provide data about what decision-makers find most motivating about a specific fund or firm, and give that group a competitive edge. If your attendees represent a single set of funds or class of product, David will provide the Valuegraphics Profile specific to your particular audience.