Data Resources

Learning R: Industry language for manipulating and visualizing data

Analytics & The Digital Economy Class Notes 1: Tableau and beginner’s R (visualization, web scraping, text mining)
Analytics & The Digital Economy Class Notes 2: Advanced R (predictive analytics and text analysis)
Try R Code School: Beginner’s R

Learning SQL: Industry language for querying data from large databases


Learning Tableau: Industry language for making beautiful, interactive visualizations


Open Datasets for Anyone to Use

FiveThirtyEight: Datasets used by this publication
Kaggle: Datasets used in data challenges anyone can participate in
Awesome Public Data Sets Github: A bunch of random datasets
Open Data Philly: Data about the City of Philadelphia
Cool Data Sets: More random datasets
Data is Plural: Newsletter with new datasets weekly. Can search archive for previous emails All data about the United States collected by the government

Data Articles

The Pudding: Favorite data publication of all-time. Focuses on social trends. Many datasets used are posted for readers to use as well.
FiveThirtyEight: Another great data publication. No particular focus, but great sports and politics analysis.

Data Challenges

Kaggle: Online data challenges anyone can participate in

Data Visualization