Data Protection Statement Glocal LifeLearn e.V.
The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) comes into effect on Friday 25th May 2018. As a European based Association this regulation instructs us as Glocal LifeLearn (GLL) to inform you of the following:

Glocal LifeLearn’s Board is responsible for maintaining and managing membership data and is required to take all necessary steps and measures to ensure that personal data is protected.
Data Protection Declaration
Upon agreeing to take over an educational sponsorship, the following personal data will be collected:
Name and surname, address, telephone number (optional), E-mail address, nationality, and the year when the educational sponsorship started. With the subscription of Glocal LifeLearn’s newsletter, we collect your name and surname and email address. This data is collated with Microsoft Office and saved on a cloud server (Dropbox) as well as in the online applications Airtable and Mailchimp (only name and surname and email address). Both tools are administered, as understood in the GDPR, by those responsible for the association (Chairwoman: Julia Wagemann,; Secretary General: Eudora Berniolles,; and Treasurer: Oliver Mundy, Each donor is assigned an identification number and one or more sponsored children. 

This personal data is used to inform donors about their sponsored child, to send out the annual invoice and donation receipt and to regularly inform about the project’s activities. 
The other information are only processed internally, and only in cases where the information is of use to advancing the purpose and goals of the association and there is no reason to believe that the individuals concerned have a legitimate interest in excluding the processing and/or use of their data.

The association solely intends to use the personal data collected for purpose stated at the time of data collection. The association does not have a nominated person responsible for data privacy as less than ten individuals are ever involved in processing personal data at any given time. 

There is a legitimate right to receive the personal data stored as well as to correct or delete them. The data processing can be limited and the right of objection can be executed.

Deletion of Data
Upon unsubscription of the newsletter, all data will be deleted. With the end of an educational sponsorship, we delete all data, except name and surname, ID number and start and end of the educational sponsorship.

Müllenberg, 24th May, 2018
Julia Wagemann, Chairwoman of Glocal LifeLearn