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Keynote Presentations:

Manufacturing & Product Development | Building For an Empty Planet

How we build the goods and products central to our lives will never be the same. As industries most impacted by disruption, the manufacturing & product development sector is being challenged to find new strategic approaches for future success. But often overlooked for the technological aspect, is the people aspect. How is our changing population affecting the building of products? In this customized presentation, leading social researcher Darrell Bricker looks at what the declining global population means for manufacturing & product development by answering the hard questions; What does the shift to industry 4.0 & a focus on workers who build hardware, software and firmware mean for hiring future employees? With fewer younger people to sell to, what do you build for older people? What does urbanization mean for physical space & accumulation of products?

Key Takeaways:
  • What the research says about product demand & how you can align your future development strategy to meetthese needs.
  • The data-backed insights on what demographics of your future workforce will be & where to find them.

The Big Shift: The Battle between Old Canada and New Canada

Canada, once one of the world’s most consensual countries, is polarizing; with the west versus the east, suburban versus urban, immigrants versus old school, coffee drinkers versus consumers of energy drinks. The winners—in politics, in business, in life—will figure out where the people are and go there too.

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