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Keynote Presentations:

The Internet is Mine

Algorithms impact us all. From online shopping, to communicating with friends, to marketing on social media, most of what we see online is organized by algorithms. This shift has resulted in most content getting lost in the endless feeds of information.  ‘Trendingnews’, may not actually be trending.‘Viralvideos’ may not be organically viral. How do you adjust your social media feeds & marketing strategies to connect with audiences in this algorithmic era?

Pairing historical aspects of propaganda along with hilarious examples of her baby boomer parents' usage of social media, Dani Gagnon outlines the rules to play by(andplay against) to understand how information is presented on online. She explores the pros and cons of creating online disruption, how to control the information being presented to you, while providing strategies to align messaging with trending topics without seeming tacky. This fun-filled presentation will have audiences laughing as they learn how to use the world wide web to better serve themselves and their teams.

Key Takeaways:
  • The current algorithm structures for key social media platforms and how to optimize your content to work within their systems. 
  • Feel inspired to use the internet more, and how to create a sustainable brand personality online. 
  • Content marketing techniques that get more reach and engagement organically.

Healthcare | Algorithms for Practitioners

As a healthcare practitioner, social media is a huge part of advocacy and education. Those who don’t embrace it risk being left behind. Whether you want to keep up to date on news for your patients or want to build an audience to make a difference in the world, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter all play huge roles in doing so. Social media pages, groups and profiles are all controlled by algorithms that determine what content we see and don't. A health practitioner may be following a page wanting important updates, but may not receive them due to these algorithm rules. In this interactive, customized keynote, Dani Gagnon shows healthcare practitioners how the internets back-end code rules impact them.

Key Takeaways:
  • How to use social media algorithms to ensure you see the information most important to you
  • Techniques togetyour online content seen by your target audience.
  • Strategies to maximize budgets to create awareness of a certain topic online. 

Personal Branding | A Punk Millennial in a Business World

Dani candidly shares her experiences and observations we can learn from, by being an alternative-looking millennial in a primarily boomer saturated business world. It’s funny, filled with challenges, insights, and real-life situations from boardrooms and organizations across the country.

Platform Plus

Workshop: Creating buzz for your brand on a budget

This fast-paced workshop will show you how to cut through the clutter of Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Snapchat by crafting messages that will actually reach your customers. By understanding algorithms and using innovative ideas, you'll be able to create content that will be widely shared. Your next paid social campaign will bring in new business and could cost as little as $30.

Social Influencer

An influencer on Communication & Social Media, Dani can help your organization connect with unique target audiences.

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