KNOWLEDGE SOCIETY INITIATIVE - Life Long Learning Centers for Developing Human Resources through free World Class Education at the Doorsteps
In the digital age world class education as well as skills are universally accessible as such depending on BRICK and MORTAR facilities of questionable standards will fail to prepare competitive HR for a global world. There is definite need for reorientation towards methods and facilities made accessible by technology. 2020 is going to be a year of high speed change in emerging technology. Readers can visit the following post to get a better idea of my advocacy:
Advocacy on Teaching, Learning and Networking through the State of Art Learning Centers in GB
Welcome development, Chinese establish six state of the art lifelong learning centers and open universities in GB towards development of HR in the global world. Propose the LSOs in the area must motivate populations to avail these Facilities.
Recall the fourteen facilities established by AKDN in 2010 through the Education department as well.
Request integrate these to provide free of cost knowledge and skills to every household thereby developing an innovative human resource throughout the region.
Please study the contents on the following links:
1.     Google for Education:
7.     Drop Box:
11. Red spider software
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Note to Minister of Education GB and VC KIU: 
As a start I request you to get a report as to how many of these twenty centers are functional and delivering to the schools, colleges, University campus and the general population. Then integrate these to provide free of cost knowledge and skills to every household thereby developing a innovative human resource throughout the region.


Salam sir, I read it and will bring soon as addenda for discussion in the fourth coming Review Meeting of the Education Department Gilgit Baltistan.
Vice Chancellor KIU Thanks Baig sb. As always appreciate your sharing wonderful resources. 

Free high speed internet in Hunza, part of Cross Border Optical Fiber Cable Project:
The infrastructure has been provided by the Chinese and also tested. Will be available to populations only when GOP (SCO) issues NOC. We request GOP to facilitate establishment of KNOWLEDGE SOCIETY.
Vice Chancellor KIU
KIU is deploying Campus Management System, Learning Management System as part of the Vice Chancellor vision for technological transformation of the institute. Within next 6-9 months most of the operation of KIU will be automated and online. The cited software and learning platform can be integrated once the basic IT infrastructure is laid. Initially the services will be offered through intranet due to poor internet services. Later it will offered at internet once the services improve in GB.