D&I in Open Communities - Call 

Ethics & Understanding Diversity in Open Communities

Part 2 - You Have a Code of Conduct. Now What?

Please make sure you also add your name, Twitter handle, project or org association (if you have one),  and pronouns next to your color in the top right (so we can link any comments on this pad to you later on)

Roll Call 
  • Emma Irwin , @sunnydeveloper, Mozilla , she./her
  • Lukas Kahwe Smith, @lsmith, Symfony / Liip.ch, he/him
  • Georg Link, @georglink, CHAOSS, he/him
  • Chris Reynolds, @jazzs3quence, Human Made, he/him
  • Princiya Sequeira, @princi_ya (twitter), she / her
  • Patrick Connolly, @patconnolly (🐦 ), he/him
  • Jess Mitchell, @jesshmitchell IDRC, at OCAD University, she/her + whatever

Question: What are the topics you would like to hear or chat about on this call?
  •  ETHICS :)

Topic 1 :   D&I Book Club, Speaker:  Lukas Kahwe Smith
Description: The aim is to increase the knowledge about D&I at large within OSS communities. 

A new article or video shared once every 2 weeks that take 5-15mins to read/view and discussed asynchronously within several OSS communities in parallel. Moderators ensure the discussions do not derail and facilitate the discussion. Moderators also exchange across communities to help bring interesting points of view to other communities. Finally after the 2 weeks are over one of the communities takes over publishing a summary of the discussion.

My hope is to find other OSS projects that want to collaborate on this.

Notes for topic 1:

  • #todo ask for connection to folks working on ethics of metrics gathering (emma)
  • The idea is to have a discussion group where people want to practice talking about D&I and expand their understanding. Book club is a way to network with others in the open source world who also are interested in the subject
  • inspired by Drupal d&i book club
  • #ask Help wanted with organizing the book club events. (lukas)
  • What could be the interaction within the “book club”?
  • The material would be articles and videos with little investment.
  • The material could be published every two weeks.
  • A discussion could occur in asynchronously (Slack, IRC, call, mailing list).
  • patcon: Idea to use appear.in: in small groups watch youtube videos together and talk about it.
  • platform appear.in — max of 4 ppl in chat rooms — watch 10 min video + 20 min discussion — no homework — no prep — can watch shared youtube videos together in big screen, with other participants faces visible.
  • jess: spoke-tension anecdote :) interested in smaller convos, where louder voices don’t prevail as much. more ppl = less opportunity for depth. interesting when convos happen outside d&i spaces, less self-selection.
  • emma: [speaker] invitation != only amplification needed.
  • lukas: D&I talks preaching to the choir. - How can we invite in more people who may currently not think about or understand D&I.
  • don’t see d&i being a productivity boost, so don’t attend. opportunity.
  • strategically and ROI-wise, should be keynote.