DC Data Engineering Meetup: Open Geodata Workshop


  • 60 minute hands on workshop to extract raw spatial data from OSM, filter, transform and visualize it on the browser

OpenStreetMap www.osm.org

  • Globally crowdsourced street map of the world
  • 5+ billion points
  • Data license: ODbl (CC-by-sa like)

Change explorer: https://osmcha.mapbox.com


OpenStreetMap Data 📦 

  • All objects are versioned, full history: 

Formats: protobuf, XML

  • Geographic extracts
  • Filtered data may not have all the OSM objects

Formats: GeoJSON, Shapefiles

Building an upto date OSM data mirror
  1. Get latest weekly planet
  1. Apply latest day, hour, minute diffs since the last weekly dump


OSM data primitives



Unlike traditional GIS data both lines and areas are treated as way geometries in OSM.