Customer Interview: Discussion Guide
Customer Name: name here
Customer Type: persona or archetype 

Sample Guide:

The following script follows a journey style flow. The interview is formatted like this to make it easier to translate into an actual journey map or deliver findings at a later step.

Interview Context

  • Objective: Define the needs of the business, as well as constraints, opportunities, and future-state requirements
  • x interviews
  • Participants will be across (countries)
  • Timing: 30-45 minutes each

Interview Outline (using customer journey format)

  1. Interest & Triggers: Understanding what made them go looking and what needs they might have had. 
  1. Search & Discover: Understand where and how they searched and how they ultimately discovered ____(product / service)_____
  1. Evaluate & Decide: Understanding what products they considered, what channels and resources they used and what drove their decision.
  1. Affirm & Purchase: What was the purchasing process like from initiation through receipt of the product — and what gave them confidence in their choice.
  1. Ownership: Their experience as an owner or user as well as re-purchase, additional purchases and customer support.

Preamble: (before the interview starts to help set context)
Hi my name is _____, I’m with _______ who’s been engaged by _______ to speak with you about your experience ____(shopping for...)________. The feedback you provide is for us to understand how we can improve it. There are no wrong answers. The information you share will be confidential, so you may be completely open and honest. 
Sound good? Any questions before we begin? 

Section 1: Interest & Trigger (5 min)

  • Let’s start at the beginning: Tell me a bit what made you originally go looking for a new [service / product / solution]? (Probe: what was happening at that moment and what was happening BEFORE that)
  • Was there anything in particular you were looking for? (Probe: did they have specific requirements or needs)

Section 2: Search & Discovery (10 min)

  • Where and how did you perform your search? (Probe: what device did they use — did they primarily use one vs. The other — for example mobile vs. desktop)
  • How did you narrow down your search? 

Section 3: Evaluate & Decide (5 min)

  • What was the process you went through to arrive at your final decision to buy/use [service / product / solution]?
  • What other [solutions / services / products] did you consider?
  • What made you decide not to go with [service / product / solution]?
  • In the end once you decided to purchase and how confident were you about your decision? 

Section 4: Affirm & Purchase (5 min)

  • Where and how did you make your purchase? (Probe: mobile vs. desktop or other)
  • What was the purchasing experience like? (Probe: why was mobile or desktop better or more optimal than the other)
  • What did you like about the purchasing experience? (Probe: why was mobile or Desktop a more positive or convenient experience)