Cross selling at Numan

The goal

The goal for Q2 2021 — increase the percentage of multi-subscription customers by 4%.

The problem

Many customers come on the website because they’ve seen an advert of the particular meds that they want to purchase. The company loose the potential for cross-selling relevant products to these customers and increase revenue. The customers are also loose the chance to build more effective treatment plan for themselves.


Because of lack of development time — solutions must be simple, easy-to-implement, and if possible, require only changes on the front-end side (no heavy back-end changes).

The team

Design, research, ideation — Me
A/B testing — Product Manager
Analysis of internal data — Growth Analysts.

The process

Phase 1. — Research.
I started my design process from exploring how the current user flow worked and how I could change it in a way to increase the requested metrics. In order to do so I used several tools and techniques:
  1. Conducted a certain number of surveys using usertesting tool. 
  • In particular: 
  • general website test that covered user experience through homepage, category and product pages;
  • ED (erectile dysfunction) specific flow from product page to order summary: separately for mobile and desktop. 
  • Account section test to find out user behaviour after they subscribed for the treatment.
  1. Historical data collected by internal system. To find out patterns in user behaviour. (It was done by Growth Analyst and Product manager).
  1. Hotjar heatmaps and recordings.
  1. Competitors analysis.
  1. Intuition (simply go through the flow by yourself and write down all the problems you faced during the process).

  • Findings 
  1. The majority of users starts their journey from the questionnaire and are not able to explore other products. Solution: seamlessly implement cross-selling functionality into existing subscription flow.
  1. Users do not understand how additional products relates to the main product they purchase and how they can help to solve their health issues. Solution: Give them more information about the products.
  1. Up until this point we use “recommendations”. Suggestion: try to be more “pushy’ and make add-ons as a part of the flow.

Phase 2. —  Ideation.
Since we hadn’t much of dev. time and tried to mitigate risks I decided to explore one relatively large idea and several small tweaks that can be quickly iterated. Some of them are showed below:

  • Big idea: Guided flow. Instead of recommending additional products, make them a part of the flow (and lure users into choosing add-ons).
  • Tweak 1:  Test different designs of add-ons.
  • Tweak 2: Add additional step with the relevant add-on recommendation.

Phase 3 — Design.


  • Summary: By Guiding the user through a series of steps detailing how different products could be of a benefit to them based on the questions they have answered.