Critique Process

Describe, analyze, interpret, evaluate


Take a look at what you’re looking at. What does it look like, literally? What are you seeing? What stands out to you? What is getting your attention?

I’m seeing a lot of pink.


After describing what you see, take a step back and consider how it’s impacting the design

I’m seeing a lot of pink objects which is making the design feel overwhelming.


What do you think the designer’s intentions were with this project? This is a good time to ask questions to get more information.

Does this project speak to your interest in unpleasant experiences?


With the information you have, consider if the design is successful. Consider if parts of it are clearer than others. Provide ideas on what might help, or other possible outlets for exploration.

This was not effective because the pink forms are distracting and hard to relate to.

Can we make a group agreement of how we’ll evaluate each others work? Let’s list a few ideas of things we will and won’t do for our critiques this semester

Understand the intentions of the design before giving feedback.
Not only point out what’s bad, but also give reasons/suggestions
Let’s not be rude ^-^ discuss other potential ways to carry out a design that ultimately serves the designer’s intention
Being able to justify why you don’t like the design
Give specific details or suggestions with comments
Balance negative feedback with positive.
  • Suggest inspiration/relevant resources
  • Don’t be afraid to disagree with others’ critiques
Be honest.
Even when giving positive feedback, try to expand on reasons
Try to understand the context of the design and accordingly give a good balance of negative and positive critique. Suggest ways in which it could be made better.
comment on whether the design makes logical sense in relation to the context rather than aesthetic appeal
Ask questions