📝Critique 3 –  Helpful App or Website

🕺 Welcome guest critic, Dylan Fisher 🕺

I’m dividing the class into two groups . You’re only required to stay in the Zoom for our guest critic’s introduction and during your group’s presentations, but you’re welcome to stay for both if you’d like. Please link your project underneath your name. (If you a PDF or a Figma prototype, please link to those as well).

You’ll notice that each person has been assigned a first responder (1R), and notetaker (N). The first responder (1R) will kick off our discussion as soon as the presenter has finished sharing their work. The notetaker will listen carefully and document the highlights of the critique on our document.

👉 Please also submit your assignment on Canvas.


When critiquing, these are the questions we should consider: 

  1. Does this project feel timely and relevant?
  1. Was there a clear research process that informed the storytelling of the presentation and design?
  1. Was the presentation compelling? What aspects did you connect with?
  1. Was the site or app structure clearly considered? What was successful about it and where could it continue to evolve?
  1. Where else can the designer take this project?

We’ll have a timer set for ~10 minutes per presentation.


Group 1

Sarah, Erin, Ashley, Brian, Zining, Olive

Group 2 (3:20)

Ellie, Mia, Zoe, Tayo, Daniel, Sabrina


Group 1 Notes

Sarah (1R: Erin, N: Ashley)

  • App design feels very clean and clear
  • Texture/patterns on the map could look a bit busy
  • Does the app also act as Google Maps/a navigation app? In that case, would it be safe to use while driving given the design of the map? 
  • Clear and consistent idea for the branding - romanticization of a road trip concept was very well executed
  • Some of the screens felt similar in tone (which is good) but given the different types of information being shown, adding some distinct visuals could help add some needed differentiation
  • Potential next step for setting the app apart: offering a more curated/community-fed list that are different from the obvious places being recommended by Google Maps (like small-town favorites) 

Erin (1R: Ashley, N: Brian)

  • Presentation was well made and curated
  • Design choices were purposeful, really shown through prototype. Everything felt intentional
  • Inclusion of a friend or Hue is well thought out
  • Is there a way to expand this beyond the PMA? 
  • Bringing it home with at-home activity instructions