📝Critique 2 –  Fan Page

Welcome guest critic, Kozue Yamada! 

I’m dividing the class into two groups . You’re only required to stay in the Zoom for our guest critic’s introduction and during your group’s presentations, but you’re welcome to stay for both if you’d like. Please link your project below where it says “url” underneath your name.

You’ll notice that each person has been assigned a first responder (1R), and notetaker (N). The first responder (1R) will kick off our discussion as soon as the presenter has finished sharing their work. The notetaker will listen carefully and document the highlights of the critique on our document.

Due to a family emergency, I wasn’t able to respond to some of your Slack messages. If you had code hiccups, it’s ok! Present what you have today and we’ll take a look on Wednesday.

👉Please also submit your assignment on Canvas.


When critiquing, these are the questions we should consider: 

  1. Is this a topic or a story? What perspective did the designer use to develop interest and meaning to this piece?
  1. What parts of the project were most effective?
  1. How does the design support the content?
  1. Would you know what this project is about by looking at it? Why or why not?
  1. What parts were weak — what would have helped? 
  1. Any questions left unanswered?
  1. How might the designer continue to evolve this piece?

We’ll have a timer set for ~10 minutes per presentation.


Group 1

Sabrina, Daniel, Zoe, Ellie, Brian, Ashley

Group 2 3:10

Zining, Mia, Olive, Erin, Tayo, Sarah


Group 1 – Notes

Sabrina (1R: Daniel, N: Zoe)

  • Consistency in visual aesthetic (grid system, location sketches) 
  • Thinking about the grid system for schedules on the bottom half of the pages (clean way of organizing things and contrast with the disorganization of crowds; moving away from crowds changes the meaning of the system) 
  • Different ways of interactivity demonstrate how crowds work
  • Adding layers to the representation of crowds (visual system, interaction, etc)
  • Developing a cohesive visual language
  • Grid system throughout the whole site
  • Choice to use black & white (linear & controlled to tell a clear story)
  • Iconography connects to public space (signs)
  • Creating an environment
  • Expressing an idea/feeling vs relying on information
  • Playful abstraction with elements of important information
  • Think about this as developing the project

Daniel (1R: Zoe, N: Ellie)