Crazyegg Case Study


This project took slightly over 12 hours spread over 4 days to complete. Here’s the approximate breakup - 
  1. Initial Research ~ 3 Hours
  1. Coming up with ideas and Paper Sketches ~ 5 Hours
  1. Designing on Sketch Less than 2 Hours
  1. Invision Prototype ~ 1 Hour
  1. Writing this document ~ 1.5 hours ( over 4 days )

Not considered in this time breakup -
  • Random thoughts during shower 🚿 and commute 🚘 over 2 days
  • Few Youtube video watch time of other analytics tools during commute 🚡 

Navigating this document

  • You can read the document from top to bottom for the step by step design process
  • There are 2 concepts presented for the project brief
  • You can find the first one here
  • You can find the second one here
  • Images from the prototype are presented in this document with relevant explanations. You can take a look at the captions to know more.
  • Hope you enjoy this document and find something interesting in it 😄 


Project brief 

Understanding the existing product

Summarizing the understanding of each feature under snapshots and insights they provide -
  1. Heatmap - Tracks clicks across the page and displays a heat map on where users click. Range goes from Yellow - Blue 
  1. Remove distractions by observing weird clicks
  1. Discover conversion opportunities
  1. Scroll Map - Shows how long does a user scroll on a page 
  1. Where to show the important information on a page
  1. Overlay - Shows all clickable elements and number/percentage of clicks. On highlighting shows where users are from. Users can see where if they are driving audience to the intended goal 
  1. Get click data on individual page element for understanding behavior 
  1. Define where visitors think they can click. Helps design elements accordingly if there are dead zones that get more clicks. Also track clicks that are off intended places
  1. List - Shows all the different elements on the screen and clicks on it 
  1. Check clicks between specific elements like lists and buttons
  1. See if visitors click on moving page elements
  1. For users who just want to see numbers
  1. Confetti map - Shows where visitors from different sources have clicked on the page 
  1. Finding the sweet spot
  1. See how much people scroll on mobile

General Product Impressions

  1. Visual is great for insights! Data alone gets super overwhelming (to me personally looking at google analytics)
  1. Visual combined with insightful data is a crazy opportunity to bring about conversions to users
  1. High numeric data is for advanced users