Lead: aidanhs
Chat: WG-infra-crater

Getting started

The best way to start is to read this document, then join the chat and say hello! We’ll help you from there.


Crater is the tool the Rust team uses to test changes against the Rust ecosystem, to get an idea of the breakage changes could cause, or just to check nothing has unintentionally regressed. It can be found at

The naming has varied at times (originally crater, then cargobomb, now back to crater) so you may see old references in places - the work to migrate all things ecosystem-testing back under the ‘crater’ umbrella is ongoing.


  • Consistently refer to crater as crater.
  • Make it delightfully simple to run crater on your local machine.
  • Make it less mind-numbing to actually perform crater runs.
  • Implement some useful features.
  • Fix some bugs.

Open work items

  • Consider decommissioning the cargobomb-test instance once running crater locally works.
  • Making crater run more quickly - tracking issue - some of these issues may have some subtlety or may not be immediately obvious on how to proceed, so it’s probably worth asking on the chat or appropriate issue.
  • Issues tagged with WG-infra-crater are at least partially a known quantity, and are good candidates to ask about to receive direction as your first PR on crater!
  • If another bug takes your fancy then feel free to dive in, but be aware that assistance may be high level until someone has a chance to dig in.
  • If you’re up for helping someone with one of these issues, write up some instructions in a comment and note that you’re willing to help mentor someone and we’ll get the E-mentor label added!

Completed work items

  • cargobomb → crater renaming for the ‘user-facing’ part of the rename - tracking issue
  • Getting crater running locally - tracking issue - we know that getting started with crater is not good at the moment, and we intend to fix it! If you encounter issues other than those listed, get in touch on the chat or comment on the tracking issue.