Cover available under Domestic Insurance
Goods in your Home and Outbuildings up to the limits shown in the schedule, for
  • personal belongings (clothes, handbags);
  • equipment and appliances (audio-visual, vacuum cleaners, fridges);
  • furnishings;
  • outdoor and garden items;
  • money and other negotiable instruments (cheques), see limit shown
in schedule;
  • fixtures and fittings that belong to you as the tenant, not the owner of
      the private home.
The buildings at the address shown in the schedule. Unless otherwise
stated in the schedule, the buildings must be made of brick, stone or concrete
with a slate, tiled, metal, concrete or asbestos roof.
The definition of buildings includes:
 the main Home;
 domestic Outbuildings, Home offices, private garages;
 an Outbuilding or Lapa of thatched construction which may be attached or
connected the Private Home by an inter-leading door or situated within 4m
of the Private Home and is less than 15% of the total square meter of the
entire Private Home;
 paths and driveways made of brick, concrete, asphalt, stone but not gravel;
 walls, gates, metal palisades, and fences on the grounds (including all the
machinery related to the gates) but not those made of wood, wire or plants;
 your fixtures and fittings (including fitted carpets) therein or thereon;
 carports
 water, sewerage, gas, electricity and telephone connections;
 jacuzzis, saunas, domestic water pumps, solar heating panels, borehole
machinery supplying water solely for domestic purposes;
 swimming pools, fixed filtration plants, safety nets and covers but not
automatic pool cleaners, vinyl-lined swimming pools or swimming pools
built above ground level;
 tennis courts;
 television aerials, satellite dishes and masts, close circuit TV’s, burglar
alarms and lightning conductors;
 Fixed water features, septic tanks, electric generators, statues and ponds
Jetties and Boardwalks.   

All Risks

The following property can be insured under this section:  All property specified in the schedule such as: 
●Jewelry (NB Specified jewelry in excess of R1 250.00 must have a valuation certificate not older than 2 years)
●Wrist watches
●Contents of handbag
●Cell phones
●Car radios & other vehicle accessories (mags, rims, cell phone car kits)
●Pedal cycles
●Lap-tops & palm tops