Corvid Community Guidelines
Updated 2020-03-23



Corvid Community is a Slack home-base for artists and image-makers. It’s not a folio site or just a place to hang out. It’s a subscription-only community dedicated to educating, giving feedback and learning. Powered and moderated by the expert Corvid producers.

It’s a space designed with freelance artists in mind. A safe, educational, useful place to foster a network of professional support and feedback. We want to cultivate a community where friendship and professional relationships can grow organically, mirroring the benefits of ‘mentorship’ in a group support setting. Under the guidance of the Corvid team, the Community Slack hosts a range of channels and threads, all dedicated to sharing our industry expertise and doing our bit towards creating a healthy, sustainable future for artists. 

What that looks like, however, is varied based on the needs and interests of the members who make up this space, ideally a diverse range of individuals with topics spanning from folio development to pricing guidance to help with difficult clients and everything in between, with a hearty dose of water cooler banter to help us through the day. This is a place for all of that and more, and we look forward to exploring what that looks like as this community continues to evolve.

We are proud to share this space with a broad range of creatives from all walks of life and all at different stages in their career. We welcome those just setting foot on their creative journeys, and those who’ve been in the game long enough to know Picasso personally. We all bring a shared set of values as well as a diversity of perspectives to this group, and we all believe in supporting our fellow creatives. 

As Community grows, it will develop values, goals, and ambitions of its own, and this document will be updated consistently to share those with you. Immense thanks to the Community moderators for their help in this, and everyone in here for making it what it is.  And a very big thank you to Carly Ayres for allowing us to repurpose and adapt the fantastic 100s Under 100 Code of Conduct for our own uses. Yet another example of creatives helping other creatives grow.

Remember, the Corvid doors are always open. Please feel free to reach out to any of our admins with any questions or concerns if you ever have them. And welcome to Community.



Slack Channel List

These are all the channels you’re automatically added to when you join Community.
Watch this space for Corvid announcements on any special events and happenings.
Only admins can post in this channel.
What it says on the box! This is where new members can share who they are and what they do.
Make sure to jump in here when you join and tell us about yourself. And when new people join, give them a warm welcome!
A place for all your burning professional questions.
Use this channel to draw on the expertise of your fellow Community members and Corvid Companions. Question on pricing? Setting up a gallery show? Best software for iPad? Pop it here. (Note! this channel replaces #pricing and #askacompanion - All Corvid producers will monitor and respond in this channel for the time being)
Links to useful articles and resources.
Feel free to post anything in here that you think is useful or interesting! Might be a new tool you’ve discovered, an interview with someone in the industry, or perhaps a podcast episode! 
A place for emerging artists to share your work and get feedback from the group as well as to participate in weekly challenges.
Constructive feedback is really important to an artist’s development, but always be respectful. (Note! #Fake-Brief-Fridays is now happening here!)
Craft, Technique, and Tech Support!
Solve software and IT woes. Tips, tricks, and discussion around the work that goes into making the work.
Everything else — general banter and water cooler conversation. And of course, memes.
If it’s not professional development and if it doesn’t fit into one of the above categories, it goes here.
Does what it says on the label.
Have some feedback? An idea for a new channel or activity? Let’s discuss!

Over time, we may find we need new channels to cater to the varying and growing needs of the group. If you think something is missing, please let an admin know so we can add it!


Slack Etiquette / Pro Tips

  • Manage your notifications! Slack can be a little overwhelming without proper notification management. We’d recommend checking your notification settings and adjusting things to whatever suits you and your day-to-day. For some that might mean leaving notifications on for everything, and for others it might mean turning everything off but mentions of your own name, a few channels you’re particularly interested in, and any specific words or terms of interest to you. (To do this, open Slack, click on the team name, then ‘Preferences’ and ‘Manage.’)

  • Keep it in the right place! To make things easy for everyone, please make a concerted effort to post in the right channel. For example, a link to an article about how to manage your time as a freelancer should go in #professional-development, but a link to a cool Spotify playlist should go in #random. A question about a quote you are putting together use should go in #advice, and a This way nothing gets lost and people can refer back to stuff easily when they need to.

  • Avoid @channel or @here! Although the Corvid team might do this from time to time, we try not to use this function too often to avoid sending notifications to people in different time zones in the middle of the night. Ask yourself: 
  1. Is this message important to everyone in this channel?
  1. Will this message wake anyone up? (Please consider time zones, time of day, etc.)