Correspondence Relevant to the Founding of Criterion and Voyager (421 pages) 

Very early on when, at the beginning of my fascination with interactive media, I prowled the halls of the Harvard Graduate School of Education where I’d gotten an MA 12 years earlier. On the blackboard in an empty classroom someone had written . . . Computer, Videodisc, Television. I ran to find out whose classroom it was and contacted the author, Sam Gibbon, who worked at the Children’s Television Workshop. I told Sam that his 3-words were a perfect description of the business I wanted to start at which point he told me I was most likely nuts to pursue this as a commercial venture. 
The letter to Dennis Hadley was the one that had ignited the Encyclopedia Project
Or, as you can see in the letter to Harry Hoffman, the CEO of Waldenbooks, I was also enchanted with the potential of media superstores and was more than willing to start there if i could make an opportunity happen.

Although the letterhead says Criterion, it would be ten months before we released Citizen Kane and King Kong. This letter is particularly interesting as it indicates that even before publishing anything I was focused on the problem of how people would browse the offerings of electronic publications. “Alan” was Alan Kay who had introduced me to Archie McGill.