📝 Core 1 Interaction Week 3 Notes – Show and Tell, How to Ask For Help, CSS Introduction

👀 Thoughts from What Is Code

Short Video

Discussion Quotes
  • ”You can make computers do wonderful things, but you need to understand their limits. They’re not all-powerful, not conscious in the least. They’re fast, but some parts—the processor, the RAM—are faster than others—like the hard drive or the network connection. Making them seem infinite takes a great deal of work from a lot of programmers and a lot of marketers.”

  • “The turn-of-last-century British artist William Morris once said you can’t have art without resistance in the materials. The computer and its multifarious peripherals are the materials. The code is the art.”

  • “We haven’t even considered how to store it, or what happens to the letters to the left and the right when you insert an “a” in the middle of a sentence. Or what “lines and circles” mean when reduced to binary data. There are surprisingly many ways to represent a simple “a.” It’s amazing any of it works at all.”

  • “Coding is a broad human activity, like sport, or writing.”

  • “When you speak to Siri or Cortana and they respond, it’s not because these services understand you; they convert your words into text, break that text into symbols, then match those symbols against the symbols in their database of terms, and produce an answer. Tons of algorithms, bundled up and applied, mean that computers can fake listening.”

Your Thoughts

🔥 Show And Tell

Make sure your file is uploaded into Canvas. If your Entry has an image, please upload a zip file instead of an html file.

💬 How to ask for help?

Online Tools

Online Search

Try breaking your problem into smaller steps and see if you can search for a more narrow problem. Example: instead of “Site doesn’t look right” try “CSS isn’t showing up” or “CSS isn’t loading”

Sharing Work with me or your classmates

Have a few pointed and direct questions about your project ready, and share the most recent version of your work with me. 

Options for Sharing Code
  1. If your work is online on GitHub, send me the URL (later in the semester)
  1. Create a zip file of the project folder (the folder, index.html and assets folder should all be included).
  1. Glitch is a tool for previewing code in real time. Please create an account. You can share your work by creating a new file and saving the html in the index.html and your CSS in the “style.css” (you’ll need to adjust the path in the index.html)

👥 Question and Answers — where did you get stuck?

💻 Demo, CSS Introduction

Architect (Content)
Interior Designer (Style)
Plumber (?) / Behavior
What it says
What it looks like
What it does
CSS stands for Cascading Style Sheets. CSS is used to give style and change the appearance of your structured HTML. CSS can be added to HTML in 3 ways:
  1. Inline - by using the style attribute in HTML elements
  1. Internal - by using a <style> element in the <head> section
  1. External - by using an external CSS file.

It’s best practice to store your styles in an external stylesheet, linked to from your HTML document’s head. For the purpose of this class, all your styles will be stored using the external method.

👉 Let’s work on the index.html file in your harmonic collection’s parent directory (the folder named “nika_cif22” with your name in place of mine).