Connecter v.3.0
date: March 11th, 2021

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed: Issue preventing some FBX files from being previewed in Connecter.

Modified Features

  • Problem Reporter app was completely rebuilt to make it easier and more reliable for the users to report issues they are facing and to allow us to provide faster support and solutions.
  • Video volume level is now saved after closing the video player.
  • Shared and Server workspaces no longer require network paths only for any folders being added to Connecter. Now folders with local paths can also be added. 
date: December 16th, 2020

New Features

  • Interactive previews for glTF assets;
  • Workspace backup;
  • New key shortcuts in Assets view:
  • Add Preview: Ctrl+P;
  • Manage External Files: Ctrl+E;
  • Isolate Selection: Ctrl+I;
  • Tile Image: Shift+T;
  • Compare Images: Ctrl + Enter.
  • Connecter integrations are now being updated separately from Connecter itself to provide more flexibility, faster releases delivery and better user experience.

Modified Features

  • Locate asset: Now the command also selects the asset after navigating to its folder
  • Lightbox:
  • Complete redesign;
  • Now all assets can be opened in Lightbox even if they can be visually previewed. This makes certain workflows more consistent across the different contexts in Connecter.  ;
  • Added zoom value: Shows the current percentage of zoom on the asset;
  • Added file extension and render (where applicable) after the asset’s filename;
  • Added fullscreen mode;
  • Now custom previews can be added with drag & drop from Explorer to Lightbox toolbar;
  • Changed key shortcuts:
  • Navigating previous / next asset with ← → arrows;
  • Navigating previous / next preview for assets with multiple previews with Ctrl +  ← → arrows;
  • Navigating previous / next same type asset with Shift + ← → arrows.
  • Tile Image tool: Shit+T.
  • Now Delete command deletes the actual asset instead of its custom preview.
  • Improvements on asset right-click context menu:
  • Now context commands are logically combined in groups that are visually separated from each other;
  • Now the context menu show only the commands that are applicable for the current selection e.g. Interactive Preview is not available on asset multi-selection.
  • Changed key shortcuts: