Compiler Meta WG

2019.02.21 — First meeting


Gists of ideas:

Unresolved questions
This section contains de-duplicated ideas/questions from @Nicholas M and @David W‘s gists.

  • How to organize compiler team calendar?
  • One calendar for everything or one per working group?
  • How to organize videos so people can find them?
  • e.g. playlists on YouTube, rustc-guide chapter
  • How do we make it easy to add them?
  • Some are specific to a working group or limited subset of contributors?
  • How to run open-ended tasks?
  • e.g. lecture series, triage, rustc “university”
  • What is the role of the steering meeting?
  • In-depth discussion of topics that come up during the week?
  • Judge newer proposals?
  • Decide if the set of working groups should change?
  • When should we post agendas?
  • How should we get “inbound” prioritization requests?
  • e.g. if embedded working group has something they want or someone has a cool idea (pipelined compilation)
  • Use the steering meeting?
  • Expert list
  • Where should this be found?
  • This is related to “Advertising” the compiler team point below.
  • How should it be maintained?
  • What qualifies as expert?
  • Journeypeople
  • What should the name of this group be?
  • Criteria for membership?
  • Equivalent to r+ rights?
  • “Expiration” after some time?
  • How to make this a useful concept?
  • Relevant Q: what problem does this aim to solve?
  • Other clarifications:
  • Are journeypeople members of the compiler team or is this a step toward being a member of the team?
  • What is the expected conduct of a journeyperson? Does this change at all? Are there more expectations?
  • How can journeypeople be useful to existing full compiler team members?
  • Managing the mundane (ensuring everyone is added everywhere)
  • Interaction with rust-lang/team repository/effort by pietroalbini.
  • Need to work out what all the things people need access to are.
  • Working groups
  • What guidelines should exist for working groups?
  • e.g. effective meetings, note taking, check-ins at steering meetings, etc.
  • Directory structure in rust-lang/compiler-team repository
  • and some other files already exist