Roamr - Competitive Analysis 

Market Analysis Introduction

The travel industry is one of the most saturated markets to break into simply because there are so many microcosms or micro-industries within the broader spectrum and scope of the travel industry. Traveling allows for many phases within its overall process to require user action, focus and attention that can cause heightened levels of stress and/or cognitive overload. Some of these phases within the travel process can include booking flights, booking accommodations, planning activities & experiences, booking travel activities and experiences, arriving to the accommodation and/or airport, managing large group travel, and many more. Thus, while the travel industry may seem like an oversaturated market that companies should avoid breaking into, the demand for modern technology to solve continuously emerging customer needs and problems within these phases and areas of the travel industry allows for this market to continue to be a successful one to break into… if done correctly. 

Travel App Competitive Landscape

While a plethora of social and travel apps currently exist in the current travel market, there are only a few that are actually helping users connect with each other while traveling even if it’s not intentionally made for this purpose. The following apps and/or social platforms are most utilized by other travelers with regards to finding and connecting travelers: 

  • Travello 
  • Tourlina
  • Facebook Groups
  • Couchsurfing
  • Instagram

Of these five apps and/or social platforms, Travello and Couchsurfing are the main apps focused on connecting travelers of all types even if they each focus on different niches and business focuses. 

With regards to apps that focus on finding experiences for travelers, here’s the list of competitors that survey respondents most utilized for planning their trips:
  • Trip Advisor
  • Yelp
  • Pinterest

Because Pinterest is focused more on providing inspiration for trip ideas rather than advising on trip experiences based on reviews and Yelp focuses more on third party services rather than offbeat experiences, I chose to analyze Travello, Couchsurfing, and Trip Advisor as the three key competitors to match against my app. 


  • A free social network connecting travelers by their current location, trip destination, and interest groups. Travelers can share their travel experiences, search for travel buddies (both locals and other travelers) within their location, add a trip to find travel buddies that will be in their destination within certain dates, and join specific travel interest groups to ask questions and/or engage with a specific traveler type. 
  • Positions itself as a knowledge sharing platform connecting people from around the world regardless of their traveler niche/type/etc. 
  • Sells and communicates itself as a broad social platform for people who love travel, regardless if they’re currently traveling 

  • A social platform from which travelers can stay with locals short-time for free, and locals can meet different kinds of people by opening up their homes 
  • To get verified Couchsurfers must pay one-time $60 fee 
  • Positions itself as a place where travelers and locals can exchange authentic experiences, learn languages, and learn about different cultures and perspectives
  • Sells and communicates itself as a platform where travelers and locals can become friends without breaking the bank 

Trip Advisor
  • A travel and restaurant website and app that shows hotel and restaurant reviews, accommodation bookings, and interactive travel forums highlighting user-generated travel content.
  • This service is completely free.
  • Positions itself as a platform for travelers to find trust-worthy and genuine perspectives on travel experiences around the world for all traveler types
  • Targets older vacation travelers within the ages of early 30’s to mid 50’s (baby boomers) rather than backpackers or long-term travelers who err on the side of spending more for quality experiences and high-end services. 

Primary Audience/User Groups 

TrekkSoft also studies the travel market and give some relevant statistics and information about travel and tourism. For instance, “75% of end users who book a tour or activity via TrekkSoft are aged 34 or younger. Of that percentage, 41% are aged 25-34 and 34% aged 18-24”. Those numbers demonstrate that the average travelers are young and between 18 and 35 years old. 

  • Primary audience: 
  • Young time-conscious male and female adults, students or workers, from 20 to 40 years old, who are on holiday or free-time, and have enough income to travel often
  • Other user group: