Ryan, it was good to connect around short and long term goals the other day.  Below is more context outlining areas I would like to take ownership over, timelines and budget.

In the near term I would like to serve as the Community Architect.  My plan is to build the skeleton and staff it with veterans that can add the muscle and scale the process.  The community aspect of the company is and will be a big lift with many moving pieces.  For example in the past there were times we had 200 events happening on the same weekend across 40+ countries.  The logistics and work involved cannot be understated.  With that said part of what Blockstack is getting by bringing me onboard is my entire network and a very specialized community of people that are experts in managing this type of a community and are right at home in this type of workflow.  

My plan is to design and implement the model that scales our Blockstack community and meets the objectives below.  I have started conversations with key employees from Startup Weekend that would put us in an incredible position to scale at a very early point in time.  The process and people involved to make the Startup Weekend model work took many years to build and lots of time and training to arrive at a team and process that could scale it and take it to the next level.  We have the opportunity to skip ahead very quickly this time around!

Blockstack Community

The community layer of Blockstack is comprised of the following actions and are ranked from low commitment to high commitment.  My goal is to grow the actions below across the US, EU, and Asia in particular.

  • Join email list
  • Join Slack, Reddit, Facebook
  • Become a Blockstack user
  • Attend a Blockstack meetup
  • Attend a Blockstack hackathon
  • Attend a Blockstack summit
  • Become a Blockstack Evangelist (people in our community that host meetups, hackathons and educate others like Dan Trevino)
  • Build an app on Blockstack

I will implement a framework that will grow the footprint of each bullet above and refine a process to move community members from low commitment actions like joining the email list to high commitment actions like hosting a hackathon or building an app on top of Blockstack.

KPIs we will measure across the community

  • Total email subscribers tracking the following info:
  • Country
  • State
  • City
  • Developer or non-developer
  • Engagement stats (unsubscribe & click through rates)

  • Total subscribers:
  • Slack
  • Reddit
  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Github
  • Regions (US, EU, Asia)

  • Total Blockstack users.
  • Total user count
  • Geographic areas
  • Time on site / app usage
  • Regions (US, EU, Asia)

  • Total meetups broken down by:
  • Total attendees for meetup
  • Attendee meetup satisfaction score (sent via email after event)
  • Total number of meetup organizers
  • Organizers hosting multiple events
  • Attendees attending multiple events
  • Attendees becoming organizers
  • Measure developers activated and apps created as a result of meetups (as best we can)