Code of Conduct for Cybernetics of Sex: Technology, Feminisms, and the Choreography of Control
Taught by Melanie Hoff at NYU ITP Fall 2020

  • Address people using the names and/or pronouns they use.

  • Take up space mindfully, there is a limited amount of space to speak in a classroom, be mindful of how much you and others are taking each week.

  • Move Up / Move Up, If you’re someone who tends to not speak a lot, please move up into a role of speaking more. If you tend to speak a lot, please move up into a role of listening more. This is a twist on the on the more commonly heard “step up, step back.” The “up/up” confirms that in both experiences, growth is happening. (Source:

  • Embrace awkward silences, an awkward silence is an opportunity for people who may take longer to respond to a prompt to have a chance to share in class.

  • Cultivate a willingness to share risky thoughts, we are all learners here.

  • Cultivate a willingness to make mistakes, to admit when we have, and to accept feedback from others, interpreting feedback for what it is: a gift and an investment in our education.

  • Always keep consent and mutual respect in ming when sharing space with others, including virtual space. 

  • Don't add emotional labor on QTBPOC or Women. 

  • It's a good idea to ask for permission when talking about:
  •  past transgressions or problematic behaviors
  • violence against marginalized people or communities.

  • We will prioritize marginalized people’s safety over privileged people’s comfort.

  • Conversations involving personal information will be kept to the group unless you obtain permission to share.

Points below adapted from which was written specifically for a community that shared experiences online.

NO ANTI-BLACKNESS – Non-Black persons, hold yourself and your friends accountable. We are all here to learn and we are not above the work of anti-racism
CENTER BIPOC, queer, trans, disabled, sex workers, low-income, survivors, and all other marginalized people.
HONOR INDIVIDUAL & COMMUNITY AGENCY, intuition, and innate wisdom, and therefore honor people’s rights to make decisions about their own bodies.
TRANSPARENCY//DIGITAL SECURITY CONCERNS Please keep in mind that we are sometimes organizing on platforms that are not encrypted so the information shared in this online space is also available to administrators of the platforms themselves
BUILD ALTERNATIVE STRUCTURES for giving and receiving care 
CONSENT IS INTENTIONAL. Consent must always be prioritized with whoever you interact with physically or digitally. 
SPEAK from the “I”; speak from your own experiences.
RESPECT people’s identities // ASK, don’t assume.

What to do if something happens
If at any point somebody or something is making you feel uncomfortable beyond your or someone else’s boundaries, please send me an email at

Presence in class / attendance / lateness 
Please let Melanie know in advance so they can be best prepared to help and catch you up with anything you missed.