CloudJungle are Trailblazers!

Cloud Computing is evolving at a rapid pace but grasping career opportunities is more accessible than ever

CloudJungle is on a mission to grow its Business Consultancy by embracing the Platform. Salesforce is the worlds leading provider of enterprise cloud software. Our plan is to grow by harnessing the talent of young people and directing them to the new skill sets required.

The Platform allows us to rapidly implement classic CRM and bespoke projects for our clients and integrate these solutions with their other clouds (such as Dropbox, Gmail, Office365 etc). This has a huge impact on clients by reducing administrative burden and allowing them to be more responsive to their customers. 

We can develop and deliver Salesforce Apps faster than ever with the new Salesforce lightning platform. This requires a whole new skill set for our development and support team. Many of the legacy IT skills are no longer required. We do not have to trawl through pages of code and extensive iteration of testing and debugging but can focus on a clients business process and build these up with drag and drop process tools.

CloudJungle have developed a “lightning style” which is a combination of reusable components arranged on a page to allow our clients to see the most relevant information required to help guide key decisions about their customers, projects or any business processes they are engaged in.

This means recruiting the next wave of Salesforce App Builders & Salesforce Support Execs has changed. We recruit people who are business savvy and have the ability to engage with clients rather than hide in a darkened room with screens full of code. Our internal Salesforce mentoring program and training platform ensures we can teach the Salesforce skills required and help them attain industry professional credentials and ultimately provide great Salesforce Support for businesses using the platform.

Our clients can be global but as a team, we like to work together in person. Salesforce provides 3 major upgrades a year so we are all learning new tips and tricks from each other all of the time which ultimately benefits our clients.

We are also proud of the opportunities we can offer young professionals. We are building a centre of excellence for the next generation of Cloud Computing trailblazers here in NW England. These opportunities are more commonly found in big cities but now local talent can be nurtured without the need to relocate from home. Cloud Computing is a fast-paced and exciting industry to be involved with and importantly it is very accessible to anyone with the right mindset and attitude to learning.

Prior to joining our team, recruits will have completed some basic online training on the Salesforce Trailhead Learning Platform. Want to be a Trailblazer? Start right here!