[Client] Website Design Checklist
your design, ready for build


  • Logo in vector
  • Fonts
  • Main menu links (including dropdowns)
  • Secondary menu links (including dropdowns)
  • Header area easily defined (where header stops and home content starts)
  • Any notes on what you expect for mobile


  • Page titles (H1)
  • Typical headings (H2-H6)
  • Alternate heading 2 & 3 styles
  • blockquote
  • horizontal line break
  • list of colors (#hex numbers)
  • list of fonts, including icon fonts


  • All menu links and dropdown links (main, secondary, header, footer, sidebar, internal)
  • Link hover style
  • Current link style
  • Dropdown style
  • Sitemap & Navigation

Each Page

  • Images and graphics included in separate folder
  • Notate what is clickable and include links
  • Any notes on what you expect for mobile
  • Call to action


  • Content & images
  • Images included in separate folder
  • Multiple testimonials/photos for sliders

Page Designs

  • 404 page
  • Search results page


  • form fields styles (static, hover, active)
  • form field text and title styling
  • form button styles (static, hover, active, focus)
  • form error & message boxes style
  • button text
  • success message design