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Assignment Deadlines (Writing Craft II)

June 3
Writer-in-Residence book assignment                                         Pass/Fail

Sept 1
Annotated Essential Books List (10 titles)                                   Pass/Fail
  • If you’d like to see what your fellow students consider essential and why, check out these lists.

Sept 27
Book Report #1                                                                                       15%

Oct 15
Op-ed/commentary based on student’s project                                  30%

Oct 30
Book Report #2                                                                                       15%

Nov 15
Notes on Sources Essay                                                                          40%

Nov 29
Five Responses to Notes on Sources Essays                                 Pass/Fail

Official stuff 
  • End of Fall term is December 7, 2022
  • Winter Residency: January 8-13, 2023


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