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Same drill as the one-page pitches. 
  • First send me your own research paper as a Word file and I’ll post it so others can read and respond to yours and you to theirs.
  • Go here to read other student research papers and offer your feedback and  suggestions on five of them — input that is, of course, thoughtful and constructive! 
  • Maximum 100 words per paper.

Winter Residency Alert

Summer Fall info

Post-Residency Summer Assignments:

  • Research Paper Subject Choice

Assignments Summary

Writing Craft I
Pre-residency readings
June 5
Writer-in Residence assignment
Sept 1
P/F (Pass/Fail)
1-page written pitch
Responses to 5 pitches
June 30
July 15
10 per cent
5 per cent
Research Paper subject choice
Research Paper
September 1
October 24
40 per cent
Research Paper responses
November 15
5 per cent
Work Plan
August 1
20 per cent
Book Report choices
Book Report 1
September 1
October 10
10 per cent
Book Report 2
December 1
10 per cent



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