CircularFLO for eKitabu notes

System set-up

  1. Mac running InDesign
  1. CircularFLO Special Edition app available from your client page 
  1. eKitabu Prep tool available here +eKitabu File Prep tool 

eKitabu Client page

This page holds downloads and more useful information and links

Registered users for your CircularFLO Special Edition

eKitabu Client number

On first launch of CircularFLO Special Edition you may be prompted to enter add your client number - 5500

File preparation

  1. Open an InDesign document and resolve any missing fonts.
  1. Run eKitabu Prep tool and choose Starting prep
  1. Say OK to CircularFLO image description dialog and the confirmation the eKitabu prep process has completed.
  1. Move to cover page i. Open your Image descriptions Word doc and copy and paste in descriptions for cover page i (removing any returns)
  1. Run the Add image descriptions tool from CircularFLO Accessibility Tools panel (so cover page image description goes green)
  1. Run the Add Preference Panel tool from CircularFLO Document Tool panel and I suggest altering these settings in the added Preferences panel
  1. Set Use first page as cover image to yes
  1. Set Export Amazon ready file to no
  1. Set Main Language to tum (ISO 639-2 code for Tumbuka)
  1. Enter the title of the book as the value for the dc:source in extra metadata
e. Alter InDesign swatches to amend highlight colour for entire document if required
  1. Run the Add Metadata panel tool from CircularFLO Accessibility Tools panel
  1. Set synchronizedAudioText to yes
  1. Set readingOrder to yes
  1. set sound to yes
  1. Alter publisher details and more metadata if required
  1. With the image description on page i selected HOLD DOWN OPTION KEY before running Prepare Read Aloud on selection tool from CircularFLO Read Aloud Tools and choose Find live text on ALL layers. Choose to set audio to No, audio per page and select the audio file for Front_Cover.
  1. Move to page 1. Run the Prepare Read Aloud on document tool from CircularFLO Read Aloud Tools
  1. Choose to Find live text on ALL layers and confirm starting on page 1
  1. Choose a relevant audio file for the book. All other audio files inside the same folder with names that match the InDesign page names are detected and used
  1. Adjust Read Aloud frames for frontmatter and backmatter to fit your requirements. e.g. for audio only read aloud you should remove all rows below the
  1. Run the Generate Auto Timestamps and choose to Timestamp every track.
  1. Wait for all timestamps to be returned.
  1. Run eKitabu Prep tool and choose Ending prep
  1. Run an Export of a fixed Layout EPUB from the CircularFLO Main Panel