CircularFLO 2022.1

The latest version of CircularFLO Special Edition is v2022.1.4

Coming in 2022.1.7

  1. Support for using keyboard shortcuts in macOS 12.3 including Prepare Read Aloud tool
  1. CircularFLO Special Edition credits are now being filled in within one CircularFLO dialog rather than going out to a longer web form
  1. Linking to new method of tracking credit usage

New in 2022.1.4

  1. Now searching up to 12 folders deep when pulling in widget content
  1. Video attributes tool in 

New in 2022.1.3

  1. Support for macOS 12.3
  1. Improved registration and user management
  1. Ability to relink to an audio folder when uses multi audio feature for read aloud.

New in v2022.0.13

  1. Re-introduction of read aloud timestamping for images and embedded text

New in v2022.0.11

  1. CircularFLO Special Edition has new Set-Up menu options to Register CircularFLO Special Edition and Add or Switch Client Number more info
  1. CircularFLO Special Edition users can now be registered to more then one client
  1. CircularFLO Special Edition users no longer need to enter a user registration code after first launch and sign up
  1. If online, CircularFLO Special Edition client info is refreshed on every launch

New in v2022.0.10

  1. Read Aloud Relink audio now checks audio folder paths for RA multi audio panels
  1. Improvements to page turn audio panel
  1. Many amendments for multi read-aloud tracks per page

New in v2022.0.5

  1. Language is again properly picked up from the CircularFLO Preferences panel
  1. Extra metadata is again properly picked from the CircularFLO Preferences panel
  1. Added early warnings in export process when read aloud panels have timings left out or audio only rows left in
  1. Add / update image descriptions
  1. with an object selection active, now only prepares the selected pages
  1. without a selection active, now asks which pages to process
  1. for eKitabu, auto processing pages with a READ or COV master page applied
  1. Prepare Read Aloud on document
  1. Gives option to select exactly which pages to prepare
  1. Confirmation when preparation is complete
  1. Remove Audio Only Rows in Read Aloud Tools panel
  1. now only deletes rows in RA Panels on the layer FLO_READ_ALOUD layer (this allows full tables to be saved in the same document on a copied layer)

New in v2022.0.4

  1. Generate Auto Timestamps update
  1. Removed DEBUG messages
  1. No longer needing to hold alt key down when preparing text on a different text layer
  1. Working  expected with single audio tracks (Nicole from Anansi)
  1. Working for single track per page (ekitabu)
  1. Working for multi track per page (Keith / FactFactory)
  1. Preview Read Aloud updated to work with multi track audio
  1. Message shown to confirm when prepare for read aloud has completed

New in v2022.0.3

  1. Media overlays now applied using CSS class name -epub-media-overlay-active so they (should) now work with Overdrive
  1. Added Special Edition Client Name to Special Edition Main Panel to clearly show the client that the app is running on behalf of