Circle of Curious Complexity
People who think humanely about the complexity of the world, who look at the mess and see their smallness and still take action? We could do with knowing each other.

So I’m holding a regular space here in Brum - a project which I have provisionally given the ridiculous name: Circle of Curious Complexity.

What? I had to call it something.

It’s a circle held steady by me (plus later one or two more people), and the aim is that is so nourishing that we make time to come after a day’s work, rather than have it feel like a chore. We all actually look forward to it!

The rhythm is:

Once a month meet-up

Check-in. Some structured activity. Check out.

Once a month supper

Food. Conversation.

There is no pressure to attend.  It doesn’t matter how many people turn up - whoever comes comes, whatever happens happens. Two or twenty. No sending apologies (though un-signing up to the event might help me logistically), no guilt about not coming.

I think it’s going to grow slowly, via word of mouth, so I’m only putting out a couple of public invites on social media. Feel free to share this page with anyone you think would resonate with it.

This is a neater link to this page:

The Circle helps interdependent, deep thinkers to:

Be less alone.
Experience less gaslighting from society. 
Grow each other.
Share experiences/get input.
Be more robust.
Forge friendships and peers.
Be fortified to continue transforming (ourselves, our environment, the world).
Process stuff.
Experience community.


Warmth, camaraderie, fun, joy. 
Honesty. Open and curious.
Dreaming. Future. Possibilities.
Experimental and emergent.
Weaving the personal and the professional.
Emotional steadiness, support, holding space.
As much commitment as you’d like.