Chrimbo Listo

Platters for serving
A new kimono/silk robe - old one was

A vintage ceramic christmas tree from Atlantic Molds…

indoor no-screws stand called the Michelangelo that lets you rack two bikes against the wall
New bidon cages for Shucker 
  • Cycle-y brands: Blue Lug, Swift Industries, Crust Bikes, Ron’s Bikes, Velocio, Velo Velo (Singapore)

Apple Watch straps (not the plastic ones) for the Ultra
Real talk a copper tin/gelatine mold shaped like a fish/salmon
New knife rack
Nice mixing bowls ( heavy Pyrex/ weighted plastic preferably)
Maglite flashlight (big enough to brain someone) 
Camera lenses compatible with a Sony Alpha 6000 model, I like taking photos of birds and fish and stuff. Mostly birds.
Fancy silk PJs
placemats. warm/neutral colors
Chainmail scrubber for cast iron (not with sponge inside that's gross)
Borp Games:
  • A Fake Artist Goes to New York
  • Bananagrams Party Edition
Muji baskets or like a gift certificate to Muji, I have some closet projects I’m working on…
A gift certificate to a framer to get pictures framed? literally my own personal book wishlist which is why it's 800 items long or something

The wildness expensive wishlist:
I could use a new sofa? Haha, and also a bookshelf

Shops I Like: