Chaos Communication Camp / Creative Coding *zine for the Creative Coding Zone
*yes, analogue!

We’re heading to Chaos Communication Camp from August 14-20th. There, we’ll be running a space called “Creative Coding Zone”, where both new and experienced creative coders of all sorts can meet up, hang out, work on projects, give workshops, take workshops, and even partake in small audiovisual performances and jams at night. CCC is a relatively closed event, and so I wanted to find an additional way to bring the scene from the outside in.

How & What:
Making a simple, small, handheld, analogue zine that introduces creative coding by showcasing some creative coders and their work. 

Evangelism, Recruiting, PR, entertainment! Spread the good word in tactile form to the CCC community: to those who are curious, who maybe don’t know what creative coding is, who might be interested in getting involved, or who are looking for other creatives to be inspired by and follow…

Urgently looking for: creative coding *enthusiasts who are willing to submit
  • a little bit (ca. 1 sentence to 3 paragraphs) in English or German about, for example, what they do or who they are in relation to creative coding, what creative coding means to them personally, what tools/languages/technique they use, etc, etc. Y’all get the picture.
  •     *of all varieties: visual artists, musicians, organizers of events, curious souls…
  • 1-5 digital images or screenshots of their work, event or project (color or b/w, decent enough resolution)
  • their socials/website/QR code, whatever they’d like to share
  • what name or nickname to use in this little publication
  • where they are from and where they are based (if they want)

This is all quite last minute, and will be completely simple with a 90s DIY print vibe, i.e. nothing fancy, but it should be fun, informative and interesting to leaf through.

Submit by:  Thursday, 10. August (will print out on the 11th), but earlier even better!

Email info (or info link) & include “Creative Coding Zine” in the subject line to me:

Thanks so much!

 Lena / lucid

ps Feel free to share this link and info to anyone else who might be interested!