Ceiling Fringe and Ribbon Swags 
Below is pricing for our new product, “Angelic Swag”

2ft wide “Shag” Swag = $20/ft , normally made in 30ft lengths = $600 
  • Hanging the 2ft wide panels will always require the rental/use of a lift. 
  • These swags are great for lowering the ceiling of an event space to make for a more intimate setting. They are large and really make a statement!

Thinner triple layered swags = $15/ft, normally made in 20ft lengths = $300 each
  • These swags are versatile, can be hung with magnets, and can have many rig points to create wonderful interlacing swags and angles. 

Single Layer Swags = $7.50/ft, normally made in 20ft lengths = $150 each
  • These are the most economical swags, perfect for clients with a smaller budget. 
  • They can be hung using our magnet system.

Custom pricing is available for a custom color pallet made specifically for a single job. $500 minimum order required (not including tax or delivery/takedown fees)

NEON - Black Light Reactive 

White with Bright Neon Colors - the Neon colors are not Black Light Reactive but the white would be