Because We Learn Things Differently

everytime I pee I really like a platform as service companies and platform was really important so that's quite good because it's in the money in the sales team so what's quite intense
there was a mobile in us before while I was on the Nokia and that time I was working as a w3c Rep
web standard body what's a great opportunity amazing people on my Windows phone before that I was working away is even more data for my wife or webos mobile app API
what time will the 2010 this was really the turning point of my career
I used to be an engineer but I still can't stand myself as an engineer but that time I was a human
so that was like you XD
it was a really awesome job I really hate that was like one of the best job I ever had because we really have a created the fundamentals of today's mobile use Xperia Z3 Forest like visual notifications or cardio
universal storage
when I passed you like iOS Android it's like a mum doing a mobile it's not that time there was no such thing as our teams
should I move the developer relations team that time I would let by Andy amala mirror and a Bengal dryer
Amelia is them
I was really interested in working with those guys so I switched to deverel sodium what my Direct monitor. I know what's really awesome experience I had
I stick with Deborah
I've been doing everything for like 8 years
rural life when we talk about Deborah light
wheel glove trolling like travelling all over the world
Friday around the world Hillier
when we talked about deverell life and Twitter
banger racing are here today but I'm just using him breakfast in airport lounge deverell
Redefined really interesting
what time is it
certainly explaining what we do and you know the rest of the world who said it would like wow they have a cold
we also import funny pictures party photos and all those in some way create some sort of illusion
the rest of the world thinks we had an amazing job so the Chris Hillman he's not here today either but I'm just using here
he still on his book but reasonable but
Darrell sounds like a great job it is also looks incredibly glamorous
all over the world all the time you get paid to go to come first that other people have the big day I managed to get tickets
create some sort of Illusion and I'm so guilty for doing this from Greece Ireland because I was at the reason to speak at a conference
you know what
we'll never realised that we don't open Twitter but that's something we actually spend most time
we are desperate getting Awareness are up you know I know you know we always letting developers know we exist people don't know what we do what I want services technologies API so we do something like this baby
and it's one of those things and I may be online like not even person online we send out like a newsletters
you pay VAT on sponsorship maybe I'll even pay for the card and there's not so glamorous but we really do
I'm actually lucky because when I join a slack or by the time I joined it's like it's like I was already pretty well known so I didn't really have to spend too much effort for the awareness which make me feel extremely lucky because at the start up you know we spend most of time give me a holler when it's out there
inspiration this is not an easy job you are open times I can face faces of the companies you know a public space we go up on the stage talk about technology we have to portrait of selfless like taking about export
and that's how people see us
uber partner not I mean to get to the point we can give an inspiration to all that we have to be in export we have to have a knowledge what we were talking to this is money
enable you are so hard to get to the point in
what means region not the right audiences
you like workshop so this is actually picture of my colleague and uncle he's giving some workshop in a bungalow I believe
member of events conferences
how to speak in maybe sponsoring conference is as well
anime online we do social media