Case study: Value Props

SaaS overview – Landr

  • Landing page builder
  • Competing in a busy market
  • Aimed at business owners who don’t want to pay developers

Customer interviews

Extracts of an interview with a potential customer that Landr definitely did 🤥 ahem

Customer: Last project we launched, I spent a bunch of money hiring designers to build me a landing page. It looked great but I spent way too much.
You: Oh. How much did you spend? 
Customer: I spent over £10,000 on the landing page. I was pretty convinced I would make that money back on the project. 
You: So what happened when it launched? 
Customer: It turns out I wrote all the copy in language that my customers don’t use. I ended up having to pay the designer to update all the copy for me
You: I can see why that would be rough. How long did it take the designer to update the site? 
Customer: Probably a week. And then, you know what? I messed it up again! Still didn’t get the language right. Plus, the images I chose didn’t really reflect the kind of thing my audience identifies with either. 
You: How did your board take all this expenditure? 
Customer: Not good. The investors are pretty annoyed that I’m spending so much money trying to launch a landing page.