Carousel Community Update - 13/4 - 20/4
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Community Health

  • Out of the 49 posts on the Forum this week: 
  • 11 were replied by another user (22%)
  • 34 were replied by me (70%)
  • 4 didn't get a reply (8%)
  • We are working on ways to train our Super Users on Carousel so that they can reply to more posts. We're probably going to do a Q&A session with them so they can learn more about the product. The timeline for that is TBD. @Christopher O I'll discuss it with you before implementing it.

Community Insights

  • Community members are engaging with one of the current pinned posts and sharing feedback on the new folder selection feature 👍 :


  • How to
  • A user seems to be confused about which folder Carousel uploads photos to: 

  • Feedback    
  • Some users would like to delete and stop using Carousel because "they clicked on the link to see what Carousel was but they didn't mean to subscribe to it": 202244919 and 203446835

  • Some users don't understand why they didn't get the 3GB bonus: 
  • The first one uploaded photos manually (without using Backup Upload)
  • The second one is not managing to upload 3GB because he has more photos and videos on his device than his Dropbox can hold, so Carousel has paused the upload

  • A user has privacy concerns

  • Feature requests  
  • A user would like to see the Dropbox folder structure in Carousel

  • A user would like to convert the existing folders into albums