Cargo - Multiple Registries
Lead: carols10cents

Getting started

The best way to start is to read this document, then join the chat and say hello! We’ll help you from there.


RFC 2141 will soon be in FCP. withoutboats has implemented support in Cargo for reading alternate registry configuration from .cargo/config files, which is the main part of the RFC, but there are other pieces that will make alternate registries easier to use!

By the end of the impl period, we’d like to have:

  • RFC 2141 merged
  • withoutboats’ PR tested and merged
  • A tutorial on how to create a minimal registry and add a crate as a dependency from it

Open work items

  • Feel free to dive in and give them a try!
  • Or try writing up what you think should be done first to see if you’re headed the right direction! 
  • If you’re up for helping someone with one of these issues, write up some instructions in a comment and note that you’re willing to help mentor someone and we’ll get the E-mentor label added!

Completed work items

  • None yet!