Call To Actions - #TurnOffThePlasticTap


Oceanic Global

Action: Nominate a business to go plastic-free! 

Problem: The industry that drives our economies and makes our lives more convenient is depleting that which keeps us alive. Emissions, toxins, pollutants, plastics are all human made creations and in the short time they’ve existed in the history of our planet they’ve damaged so much of the natural world. But it doesn’t have to be this way. Balance between industry and nature is possible. #SolutionsExist

Solution: A first of its kind cross-industry standard by Oceanic Global, the Blue Standard (Blue) empowers industries and businesses of all sizes to achieve measurable impact that protects our blue planet and establishes universal accountability for sustainable business leadership. Blue offers a 3-Star verification for business operations alongside open-source resources, step-by-step auditing and consultation support, and buying deals with vetted vendors to help businesses eliminate single-use plastics and operate sustainably. Blue also offers Product and Packaging seals that verify consumer goods for meeting Blue’s plastic-free criteria. The two synergistic offerings work together to empower businesses to achieve measurable impact that protects our blue planet. Blue offers actionable steps to maximize the positive impact we can all create in our immediate spheres and beyond.


Action: Combat plastic misinformation by taking the free 5 Gyres Masterclass on plastic pollution through Trash Academy! 

Problem: Everyone knows plastic pollution is a problem. But there's a lot of confusion about why the problem continues and how to combat the issue. Misinformation is floating about in the masses, and only those closest to the science know the truth on how to #TurnOffThePlasticTap

Solution: 5 Gyres presents Trash Academy to teach individuals all about plastic and the actions we can take today for a cleaner planet and a plastic-free tomorrow. This Masterclass takes viewers through the history of plastic, its life cycle and perils, and how we can work toward global solutions. The series entertains, enlightens, and inspires everyone to participate in their product selection and disposal. The lessons are available in both Spanish and English at


Problem: Our oceans are drowning in plastic pollution and Amazon is a significant contributor to the problem. Amazon generated 211 million kilograms of plastic packaging waste in 2019 – and that was before the COVID-19 pandemic increased e-commerce sales. That’s enough plastic packaging waste, in the form of air pillows, to wrap around the Earth more than 500 times! Amazon’s plastic packaging includes air pillows, bubble wrap, plastic mailers and other plastic packaging items added to the approximately seven billion Amazon packages it delivered in 2019.

Solution: Oceana is calling on Amazon to reduce its plastic footprint and: 
  • As an immediate measure, give its customers what they want and offer plastic-free packaging as an option at checkout. 
  • Be fully transparent and hold itself accountable for its plastic footprint and environmental impact as it already has for climate change: Amazon should report on its plastic footprint on a regular basis.
  • Eliminate plastic packaging as it has already done in India. Amazon should also increase products shipped in reusable containers and adopt policies that can be demonstrated to reduce plastic pollution, rather than making empty claims about “recyclability.”

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