California Fire Speaks Events 2018
Dear members and friends of Sacred Fire,

In these times of great change in our world, so many people are longing for a feeling of deeper connection and guidance in their lives. By now, you have probably heard of the two upcoming Fire Speaks audiences with Grandfather Fire in California:

We're often inspired to share important things we've discovered with others, but either don't think to do it, or feel at a loss for words. This letter contains some easy-to-use materials to help you spread the word about these upcoming Fire Speaks events through social media, emails, fliers, and interactions with friends.

If you have any questions or would like to help in other ways, please write to

With warm regards,
Bill Sutton
Director of Outreach
Sacred Fire Community

General Event Information

These web pages have detailed information, including pricing, contact information, and links to register for these events:

Yesterday's Around the Fire newsletter featured an article on what Fire Speaks is and what its significance is at this time:


We’ve created a graphic flier for printing or sharing electronically, so you can share at fires or post on bulletin boards around town:

On each of these pages, you’ll find:

  • 2 downloadable files for printing (1-per-page or 2-per-page). These are larger files with higher resolution to ensure good print quality.

  • 2 downloadable files for sharing online (700px wide and 600px wide). These are smaller files designed to work in a newsletter or email.

Sharing by E-newsletter or Email

  1. If you’re creating an e-newsletter or an email, you can use one of the downloadable files labeled "Newsletters" (following the links under Fliers above) to keep the attachment size small.
  1. At a loss for words? Feel free to use the information from any of our materials and add your own experiences, understandings and inspiration.
  1. You may want to share the article we just published on Fire Speaks: Fire Speaks So That We May Remember
  1. Wilkin Hanaway produced a beautiful video of last year's Light Up Your Heart (Las Tine an Chroí), the first Grandfather Fire event in Ireland:

Share on Facebook

If you or anyone in your family is a Facebook user, here are some easy-to-use posts you can share on your Facebook time line.
Hint: Remember that you can tag particular people who follow you on Facebook by using the @ symbol and then typing their name in the post.
  1. Share a post about the article Fire Speaks So That We My Remember (just follow the link and click Share):