Kasper Pyndt Rasmussen

D.O.B.: Nov 20, 1987
From: Copenhagen, Denmark
Speaks: Danish and English (fluent), German and Dutch (novice)
(+45) 5094 4179

Kasper Pyndt Rasmussen (DK) is a type- and graphic designer from Copenhagen and the founder of Approximate Type ( Situated a few floors above a crossfit studio, he currently shares an office with fellow designers Hanna Bergman and Peter Folkmar.

The starting point and main engine of his practice is type, language and the relationship between the two. Through this exchange he aims to develop straight-forward design solutions that emphasise conceptual sturdiness and contextual (self)awareness. This results—mostly—in the production of typefaces, books, websites, and visual identities. 

In 2016 he obtained his MA from The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts’ School for Design after a detour to The Netherlands, completing a year at The Royal Academy of Art in The Hague. He has been working independently since January 1, 2018. 

Work experience
  • 01.2021-present: Approximate Type Foundry, founder & type designer, 
  • 09.2011-09.2013: Make, graphic designer, 

  • 2020: 5-day workshop: From Object to Letter. Krabbesholm Højskole, Skive.
  • 2018: Tutoring, Type Design, The Royal Academy – Architecture, Design, Conservation, Copenhagen.
  • 2014: Portfolio review, Preparatory year Graphic Design, The Royal Academy of Art, The Hague.

  • 2020: Krabbesholm, Graphic Design
  • 2018: KADK Copenhagen, Lecture on Post-graduation Practices
  • 2017: Gentofte Studenterkursus, Lecture on Type as Tone
  • 2016: KADK, MA defense, Type as Tone

Clients and collaborators
  • The Shed, New York
  • Other Means
  • Dansk Arkitektur Center
  • The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts’ School for Architecture, Design & Conservation
  • Det Frie Felts Festival
  • Microsoft KIN
  • Olya Oleinic
  • Andel Design
  • TEAL Recordings
  • Code Walk
  • Beastie Respond