CRAFT Cocktail Menu
Welcome to CRAFT at the Tebu Amkhiman! We’re sure you’ll find something here to suit your tastes.

Beers, Wines, & Spirits

All popular beers, wines, and other spirits are available at CRAFT. If you’re looking for something a bit more niche or less well-known across the cluster, but it is not listed here, you may have to ask the bartender about it. We do accept suggestions and recommendations for further additions.

Itamo Naval Rum, Kallaste City, Itamo IV

Banner Rouge Beer, Mylain, Gallente Prime

Mambi Wine, Tronhadar Valley, Matar


When in doubt, ask the bartender! Our ‘tenders are skilled artisans who are happy to CRAFT your bespoke orders. However, you may also make use of our three Mixologic(TM) machines, which are equipped with a wide variety of ingredients and can mix any cocktail to your exact specifications.

House Specialties:
Hurukan (Hurricane) (light and dark rum, grenadine, fruit juices)
Mint Julep (bourbon, mint sprigs)
Rouge Rum Punch (light rum, strawberry syrup, fruit juices)
Sazerac (rye whiskey, herbsaint, absinthe)
Le Maitre de District (the District Master) (light rum, orange curacao, dry vermouth, grenadine)
Bayou Breeze (vodka, cranberry juice, grapefruit juice)
Floradora (gin, lime juice, raspberry liqueur, ginger ale)
Rum Runner (dark and light rum, banana liqueur, grenadine, fruit juices)
Gator’s Grin (melón liqueur, orange juice)
Rum and Quafe (rum and soda)
Green Yetamo (tequila, melon liqueur, sweet & sour mix)
Atchafalaya Breeze (dark rum, banana liqueur, pineapple juice, cranberry juice, sweet & sour mix)