Phageborn TCG need a new card design! (99designs contest) 
Games Revolted is an indie game development studio based in Zagreb, Croatia.
From our beginning in 2016 to 2018, our no-name team grew to become one of the most perspective local game-dev studios that now counts 13 members!
Since then, we conquered some of the biggest gaming shows and events in order to receive that precious feedback from our potential players. We are safe to say that it was worth it since the team won best visuals of show and best game of show for the Alpha version of Phageborn TCG at Reboot Infogamer 2017
Our main project, up above mentioned Phageborn TCG, is getting close to its Beta launch (planned in December 2018). Therefore, we need to polish or change some of the game elements which no longer correspond to the visual identity of the game.
Phageborn TCG is an upcoming online TCG set in an immersive dark-fantasy world with powerful avatars, fast-paced solo or team battles and other new features.
We need to redesign our cards to fit the rest of the visual identity of the game.
We will describe in detail what should and what shouldn't be changed on our existing cards.
Bear in mind!
  • Since we are making a virtual card game - the design choices we make can go in many directions since we are not bound by the rules that apply to physical tabletop printed card games
  • We are looking for a unique, modern card design in a dark fantasy style, with a little bit of a 3D feeling
  • You should also be aware that our game is not made in a classic fantasy style, but the atmosphere is much darker, murkier and more gloomy
REDESIGN existing Phageborn TCG card!

We have two type of cards:

- the design for these cards is, and should be the same
- the only difference is that essence card don't have two elements on them (attack and health icons) - all explained in the elements list below

ELEMENTS on the card
This frame was originally intended to emphasize possible 3d feeling. We wanted to put one part of the character over the frame so he ‘pops out’ and create a fake 3d feeling.
Since our art is a very important part of our game - we want to make more space for the art on our card, that fake 3d feeling is not necessary nor that important.
Therefore, we need to reduce the frame and make it thinner.
You can see on our cards shown below, our art is very detailed and we use intense colours for our art. Make sure your design doesn’t smother the art. It should be simple but impactful, it should let the art be the ‘star’ of our card.

Since we have 5 different factions, our players need to be able to differentiate which card is which faction.
We currently have colour differentiation on our card frame.