🕘 C4L Agenda - What’s Your Process?

Nov 17, 2019


@Michael S 

Agenda (5 m)

  • Begin at 15 min. past hour [3:00 to 3:15 pm]
  • Intro (20 minutes) [3:15 to 3:35 pm]
  • Group
  • Participant
  • Previous Context (Intro + Framing)
  • Closing (10 minutes) [5:30 pm]

Intro (20 m)

  • Open Meeting
  • Group Intro
  • Statement of Purpose
  • Coop 4 Lib is an intentional gathering space where we explore, enrich, and exchange insights on the historical and contemporary use of cooperative economic development strategies within Black communities.
  • Guiding Vision(s)
  • To conceive and develop one shared cooperative project which can employ all of our skills
  • To develop many different cooperatives relying on assistance from other skill sets identified within the group
  • To incubate, support, and connect cooperative interests throughout Chicago providing a resource center where cooperative projects can come together
  • Do Statement
  • To educate, incubate, support, and connect communities interested in building cooperatives with the goal of forming a shared cooperative project that can serve as a catalyst for the development of other cooperative projects
  • Committees
  • Development
  • Outreach/Organizing
  • Facilitation
  • Culture-Arts-Movement (CAM)
  • Participant Intro
  • Name/Pronoun
  • What is the most exciting/pleasurable organizing space, campaign, community endeavor, or workplace in which you have participated? What made it so?
  • Previous Context (Intro + Framing)
  • Beginning The Work
  • Shared values & group agreements
  • Reflect on Coop 4 Lib vision
  • Explore identity, oppression, and privilege
  • Coops In Theory
  • Coops In Practice