BullsEye - Project Documentation
Steam School 2018

Project identity

BullsEye - Put a stop to Bullying
Quality Education: Bullying in schools

Team members

Pictures, key skills and team roles

  • Saiyam Khona 
  • Prini Shetty
  • Chetan Kumar
  • Akshata Chitnis
  • Lisa Cognard


Project summary

Our project is a workshop designed to help kids know more about bullying and how to get out of it. Teachers in Primary School can make students play this game in their class. The workshop is divided in 4 parts: a video, a debate, a game and a debate. The video is made to help kids to understand what is bullying and to introduce the game. The two debates are reflection time for the class. The main part of our project is the game. It is an electronic board game where kids have to help the character Rohaan to get out of being bullied. The kids will have different puzzle pieces with different actions that Rohaan can do. While assembling the pieces, some created paths are going to be wrong and others good, depending on this, an LED will pop either red or green.

Process and motivation

How did the project come to life? How does it match your skills and motivation?

We were struggling a bit with our SDG, because school drop outs can have several causes: social, economic, motivation, pressure and so on. Every solutions we were thinking about needed a change in the curriculum or a change of what happens at home. 
Out team is comprised of people of diverse backgrounds - designers, education and engineers.

Statistical data

User persona,  data collection

  • Use the data from the survey: 
  • Bullying in India: 42% of students of Class 4 to 8 and 36% of Class 9 to 12
  • Steam School’ students: 
  • 57.1% were bullied 
  • 40.9% bullied the others 


Documentation divided by iterations (Pictures / code / drawings / text)

Prototype #1 
  1. hypothesis 
  1. experiment
  1. results / learning

Prototype #2