Building a knowledge base from scratch - FAQ page template
Use this table to fill in answers to common billing questions for your FAQ section or page on your website.
Answer (fill this out)
Can I cancel at any time?
You’re free to cancel at any time during your subscription. You’ll get access until the end of your billing cycle. We’re not able to refund the remaining amount if you’re on an annual plan.
Is my data safe?
Our service is INSERT ENCRYPTION DETAILS. We back up data every TIME FRAME and our servers are based in PLACE with COMPANY.
Is there a discount for non-profits and charities?
We love helping companies with a cause. We offer non-profits and charities DISCOUNT. Please get in touch and we’d love to help you get set up.
Do I need to pay VAT?
It’s not the most fun to have an unexpected jump in price when you reach the checkout page. Explain how much they’ll need to pay based on the country they’re in if they reside in the EU.
How long should I expect for support?
Our internal goal for first response is TIMEFRAME. We aim to resolve tickets within TIMEFRAME although it really depends on the case.
Can I migrate my data
You can migrate your data by INSTRUCTIONS. We provide the following formats: FORMATS.