Building Your Podcast
If you’re interested in starting a podcast, here are some questions to ask yourself first. 


  • What is my primary goal in starting a podcast? 
  • What happens if I hit that goal? 


  • Who is going to listen to this show?
  • How do I want the audience to feel while they listen to this show?
  • What is the message I want to send listeners with after each episode? 
  • What else am I willing to do for my audience? [What are my boundaries?]


  • What is the story structure?
  • Is my message consistent for each episode? 
  • How willing am I to let the message evolve? 
  • Is a podcast the right platform for this message?


If your’e thinking about making money at this point. Pause. 

All major sponsors want to know you have an audience before investing in a show. 

Think about setting up a place where sponsors can contact you if they want to support your show, but don’t start worrying about what your rates are until they come to you. 

If you’re thinking about starting an audience supported show, consider what you’re willing to give them aside from an episode every week and build your show with that goal in mind.