Build Your Own Transit Army // Presenting Tools and Guidelines to Implement Scalable Urbanism Operations in Your City                       11:10 AM                                Auditorium 
by: The MARTA Army

The MARTA Army will present the resources available for other transit groups to implement their own instances of Operation TimelyTrip and Operation CleanStop. We will put all our code in open source format for the first time, and share our experience.

Operation TimelyTrip: A regional adopt-a-stop program. Participants get a laminated sign with route and schedule information to put up at their local bus stops.

Operation CleanStop: A regional crowd-funding program for amenities at bus stop (trash-cans, benches, etc.) 

How to implement scalable ubanism in your city!

Presented by:

  • Simon Berrebi
  • Binh Dam
  • Bakari Height

  1. What is a MARTA Army?
  1. Ground operations
  1. Starting your own transit army
  1. Questions

  1. What is MARTA Army?

MARTA army started at Transpo Camp South 2015. Started with “What would it take to make MARTA cool?”

Mission: “Empower local residents throughout the Atlanta region to ijmprove the transit experience in their own neighborhoods”

Tactical urbanism - something that can be applied to placemaking projects, biking, walking. But applied to to transit ti needs to be thought of as a network. This is how we started ground operations. 

  1. Ground operations

Operation TimelyTrip

Adopt a stop program. Laminated signs provided with route and schedule information. 

Became a demonstration of scalable urbaism. 350 “soldiers” adopted stops which span the entire region a representative income distribution.

  • Enhanced ridership experience
  • creates a sense of ownership
  • regional network of engagement
  • supports government innovation (Georgia grants $3.8m for bus stop signage potentially as a result)

Next steps:
  • About to start a sticker, mini version with a QR code to add to bus stop so people can scan. There is also an electric version in lobbys. 

Operation Clean Stop