Bug Bash - Events X
{ On the event you are testing : Set admin notifications to your almabase account }
{ use your personal ID or email fake ID to test the guest emails }

Last Bug Bash

Phase 1 : Event Creation
  • Migration
  • Replicate some events from our customers.
  • Test if you are able to make registrations
  • Type of events
  • Complex
  • Free single ticketed event
  • Paid single ticketed event
  • External URL event
  • All these combos can further have accompanying guests or require login.
Phase 2: Registering
  • Register for your own events and others events
  • Mobile & browser compatibility
  • Discount, payment, checkout experience
  • Email notifications
  • Where all does the guest see the event on the platform?
  • footer, groups, listing, ..
Phase 3: Management, Reporting, Exports
  • Guest manager
  • Mapping, profile history
  • Exports & reporting (eventx reports and general reports)
  • Data studio

  • Only 1 hour each for each phase. Grab as many bugs as possible.
  • Hack : take screenshots, annotate and move forward. You can add on asana later after every 10 issues or so.
  • One developer along with each team to speed up and dedup.
  • Sit in different rooms?
  • Teams
  • Naveen, Kanhai, Prince, sarita
  • Jishin, Akhil, Khushhal,nandini
  • Vaibhav
  • Ginu

Make a successful registration
  • Admin should receive notification instantly
  • User should get notification instantly